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Title: One for all, all for One
Chapters: One shot
Author: [info]luna_no_koibito
Genre: crack, smut, a tiny tiny bit of fluff
Warnings:  smex, cursing (poor Reita...)
Pairing: Reita/Aki, Nao/Saga/Yuuto, Reita/Saga/Nao/Yuuto/Aki, Reita/Saga/Aki, Nao/Yuuto
Bands: the GazettE(Reita), SiD(Aki), Alice Nine(Saga & Tora), Kagrra(Nao), ScReW(Yuuto)
Disclaimer: I don't own them, and don't wish I did, because I'd be sorry for what could befall them (・_・;)!
Summary: A very particular birthday party from Reita, to his beloved Aki, with the help of a innocently mischievous Saga …

Comment: this is dedicated to [info]hyprakktiv and I had promised her this fic, so loooong time ago! I am so sorry!! but here it goes, hope you life it! Love ya!




It was on.


Reita was going to do it.


Not that he could back out now anyways, given that he himself was the supposed organizer, of the rather peculiar birthday party, which he had decided to organize for Aki. Sitting on his usual couch in his living room, he was now nervously awaiting on the arrival of his special guests, which, as he glanced at his watch, was going to be in about an hour. In his own defense, he could state that the rather unique idea, hadn't exactly been entirely his, and that he hadn't exactly been himself when the words bassists and fuck so nonchalantly rolled out of his mouth right next to each other. He had been rather drunk the night when the blamed words had blurted out, as he enjoyed a free evening with Uruha, who had lost himself somewhere in the bar, and Saga, who he though to be as inebriated as himself, but alas, the man was far from it.


-What ...woud yu raik for ...- tried to explain a rather drunk Reita -yo basu ...day? ...I ask-ed him ...- he was able to concluded, in front of a diverted Saga, as he reenacted a random conversation he had with Aki, regarding his birthday


-And … what did he say? ...- curiously inquired the other bassist, as he played with the liquor in his glass, observing the quite trashed bassist in utter amusement.


-... “I'd lo~ve me … some bassists” …he said... -tried to explain Reita in the best of his drunken abilities -... he was ...jokin ... I sink? … but I seriously … thought … of giving him …some bassists to f-fuck ...- he then concluded hysterically laughing, looking at the other bassist, from his slumped posture on the counter, as he attempted to raise up in a straight up figure, but pulling himself up a little to hard, he would have fallen off the stool, if Saga hadn't readily caught him


-You know... I actually think you should ...- Saga attempted to suggest, as he made sure that the other could manage himself a little better -... like a bassist orgy … yeah …. that sound interesting... what do you say?... - swiftly added the bassists, trying to make it sound like the most logical, among the group of original of ideas.


-A what?! - suddenly yelled Reita -... Naaaaaa ...- dragged out the blond, with a weak drop of his hand, which was supposed to mean “forget about that” -I want to do … somethin ...unique … somethin never done befor ...-he then sloppily explained, followed with a sudden hiccup, as he now threw the same hand in the air.


-And how more unique does it get than this! … I mean- tried to explain and persuade the younger bassist, who was feeling more and more excited at the idea -how many orgy slash birthday party have you heard of?... - enticingly inquired the other bassist.


-hmmmm...- dragged out the bassist once more, looking as if he were seriously pondering on the question - ...yeah … - he stupidly giggled

-none... not really- he then suddenly assumed a serious expression, like a kid, who had been caught fooling around by his parents.


-Then let's do it ...- confidently proposed Saga once again


-...yeah~ … ret's do it!- replied Reita, giggling once more, and bringing up his empty glass-...yeah~!-


-yeah!- replied the other in satisfaction, cheerfully hitting his glass with the blonde's offered one


Yes, he could have certainly used his being drunk as an excuse, dismissing it as a drunken bizarre idea that would have never happened. However, Saga didn't seem to have been joking, when he had caught up with the nose-banded blond in an entirely sober state, reminding him about their conversation, and somehow, which he quite couldn't understand at the moment, he had managed to convince him to follow up with his orgy slash birthday party plan, declaring that he would take the responsibility in finding their guests, and that it would have been a blast.


Reita looked at his watch again, as he walked to the kitchen to make sure that Aki's birthday dinner was still looking perfect, while he distressingly sighed, for the umpteenth time in the arc of ten minutes, having the sudden urge of calling everything off. However, he did want to do something special for Aki's birthday, something that wasn't his usual dinner, and a present. Now, yes, they would have had dinner again, and yes, Aki would have received a present from him, which this year, was a limited edition bass of Aki's all time favorite's bassist player, but after five long years of being together, he did feel like he needed a little something more in his birthday celebration pattern, even if the other hadn't ever really complained about it.


-Forty-five minutes ...- he then whispered, as he agitatedly exited the kitchen in direction of his bedroom, to check that everything was also A-okay in the main event room, while mentally reviewing the few little absolutely unbreakable rules he had figured out for their excessively lewd event, which were actually two, regarding two sacred things in particular; his, and Aki's ass.




-So … - tiredly, and almost resignedly, blurted out Tora, who was leaning by the entrance of his and Saga's bedroom

-... explain, one more time ...- he continued, while he observed the bassist in light irritation, and skepticism, as the latter was restlessly pacing up and down, bending left and right through the entire area of their room, obviously searching for something -... why I, your boyfriend, am allowing you, my boyfriend, to go to an orgy … without me- concluded the guitarist in a faint accusatory tone, as the other impassively continued in his quest.


-Because you are not a bassist baby ...- plainly replied the other, as he open and closed all the drawers in their dresser - … I have told you so many times already … gaaaaah, where is it!? - he then frustratedly exclaimed forcefully pushing the last drawer close.


-And why was it again that only bassist are allowed to this? …do explain that again -he then blankly requested, as he continued in his staring marathon -... it might sound better this time, and I might feel better, and maybe even think something more on the lines of ...Wow he's going to an orgy without me, terrific! ...- sarcastically stated the brunette, deciding he'd done enough staring, as he entered the room, and aided the other in his search.


-... Reita wanted to do something special for Aki's birthday, something different … unique ... – newly explained the younger, breathing out in exasperation for having to explain the same thing for the umpteenth time, and not finding what he so desperately had been looking for half an hour or so -... and being Aki a bassist, who loves bassist...- he resumed, as he raided their wardrobe


-... He figured that a brand new bass, or tickets to maybe a concert of his favorite bass player, would have probably been way too plain ...- concluded the guitarist draining all the sarcasm he had left, receiving a nonchalant shrug from the other

-... the thing that I still quite don't understand though ...- he then swiftly added, as he lifted a pillow, quickly glanced beneath it, and nonchalantly dropped it -... is how and where on earth did he get such a … unique idea – he professed, stopping in his effortless search

-It is definitely not something I'd see him even comply to ...- he then observed walking behind his boyfriend's stooped figure in front of their wardrobe -... this really sound like something that … for example … you would do ...- he then concluded, as the other triumphantly jumped up facing him, a wide smile plastered on his face, as he showed the brunette the fruit of his research

-... a camera ...- absently stated the brunette looking rather unimpressed.


-I knew it was somewhere ...- serenely commented the bassist, speed walking passed the taller, towards their bed


-Ah! I knew it … -suddenly exclaimed the guitarist -you're avoiding my observation, meaning that it was your suggestion after all, wasn't it?- swiftly inquired the guitarist, deeply breathing out, as he shook his head at his boyfriend's wide smiling admittance -... what do you need a camera for anyways? ...- he then asked, giving up on any other clarifying attempts


-... I didn't forget my promise … I am going to film all of it, and give it you … so that you have something to watch when for example … I am not here … and you're maybe ... lonely ...- trailed off the younger, checking himself for a last time in the mirror on top of their dresser.


-Like when I am on tour with my band? ...- stated the brunette in an exaggerated pretense excitement -... what's their name? ...- he then lowered his head, quickly snapping his finger as he pretended to try to remember the name of their band -... oh! Alice nine … - he then hit his forehead in feign stupidity

-but wait … aren't you part of it as well? … meaning … there isn't much time I spend away from you now, is there?- he then concluded with an almost angry looking, and displeased expression, sitting at the bottom of their bed, grabbing the remote control on it, and turning on the TV, which was showing the Lord of the Rings.


-Aaaaw baby ...- replied the bassist with a pout, as he walked towards the guitarist, and sat next to him, wrapping his arms around his neck -... you were okay the first time I asked you though ...- he stated, progressively lowering his voice town, as well as his gaze.


-I was drunk when you asked!- irritatedly replied the elder -... I wasn't exactly thinking straight!-


-well …- quickly resumed the bassist – a yes is a yes, period – he continued, pecking the brunette on his cheeks -and … you felt pretty straight to me ...- he whispered under his breath, receiving a quick glare

-and...I'll make it up to you, promise ...- he then sustained, this time pecking the other on the lips, receiving another quick skeptical glare in response


-Uh! ...- grunted the taller in disbelief-... You better give me a fucking fellowship of the guitarist for my birthday … - exclaimed the brunette, suddenly changing channel


-B-but in that way … I won't be allowed!- shockingly exclaimed the bassist -Reita is doing this to do something for and with his boyfriend- he then quickly, almost indignantly, added


-Oh well ...- replied Tora with a light grin -... looks like you are going to run shit out of luck uh? ...- he concluded positively smirking, as the other got up rolling his eyes


-Whatever, we'll see about that … time to go … Reita and the others are waiting ...- he then announced with a diverted tone.


-... Have fun … and ...- absently wished the brunette, his eyes now glued on the TV -... don't forget this ...- he then pointed out, holding the long searched for camera in his hand, as Saga swiftly walked back and grabbed the device -... I expect nothing less than high quality porn … Sagacchi- he then stated with a grin, as he thought about the idea of his own orgy, quickly glancing at the bassist's departing figure


-And that you shall have babe ...- smirked the other walking out of their apartment.





Many were the things they didn't have in common, age for example, or their experience in the music industry. The elder was part of the oldest group momentarily present in PS, whereas the other was a member of one of the newest formed bands in the same company. These two completely different levels of musical maturity and genre, were currently enclosed in the confines of a costly sports car, which the elder was driving, in order to take them towards the one destination they had in common, as much as the absolute inexperience, related to that activity they were going to partake in.


-... First time? ...- suddenly asked the elder, glancing at the younger, who was sitting next to him in the passenger seat, and whom merely replied with a silent shy nod

-It's mine as well … so … yoroshiku ne- he then concluded with a friendly smile, which was again replied with a similar type of nodding silence. Not a word had yet been uttered, by the younger, since the elder had picked him up at his apartment five minutes earlier, except from the conventional “konban wa”.


Nao had already encountered the members of Screw on several different occasions, but it had never been anything more than either a musical collaboration, or the usual “Hi Bye”. However, the moment he picked up the younger band's bassist, it felt as if he had seen him for the first time. Something about Yuuto, was stirring weird sensations all across his body, which was making him feel rather uneasy. Perhaps it was the realization of what they were about to do, but he wasn't quite sure and couldn't quite pin point it, and the younger brunette's diffident silence wasn't doing him any good.


-Yuuto-kun … right? ...- dumbly reattempted the elder, perfectly knowing the high level of stupidity of his question. But he wanted to at least have some sort of conversation with the younger, before they actually got down to business, not wanting it to look as if he had just picked up a hooker, which, considering what they were about to do, he himself wasn't to far from being considered one as well. Not turning away from the street in front of him, he was able to glimpse the umpteenth shy nod from the other in response to his previous question, which response resulted to be as far as much silence he could handle for the evening. Thus swiftly looking into his rear view window, he quickly took an unplanned right, and stop on the side of the road. Something was clearly bothering the younger, which added to all the weird feelings he himself was already having, it only helped in further unsettling him.


-... S-something … wrong … N-nao-san?- nervously inquired Yuuto, quickly observing his surroundings with rapid movements of his orbs, not daring to raise his head, still feeling rather overwhelmed by the presence of Kagrra's bassist, as he began to wonder the reason for the sudden stop.


-Well that's really my question ...- plainly stated the elder bassist, who unbuckled his belt, and cautiously leaned forward to take a closer look at the younger, who instinctively backed up further into his chair, and found himself staring right into the elder's wondering and doubting gaze. The younger bassist was indeed rather handsome, and Nao didn't know exactly what it was, but he just couldn't help himself from keep staring at him. He then leaned even closer, as if by reducing the distance he could spot exactly what it was that suddenly was having him so badly worked up.

-Why exactly did you accept to do this? … - he then finally inquired, leaning back into his own seat -... granted is not something that anyone would feel completely comfortable with doing, but it wasn't a most ...- he then swiftly added, as he stared at the younger with the end of his eye


-I ...- nervously commenced Screw's bassist - … wanted to try ...something new? - he then hesitantly concluded, swiftly glancing up at the elder


-And you chose an orgy? ...- bewilderingly and sceptically inquired the elder


-Well … yes … I guess ... - he then paused a second, carefully thinking whether it would have been wise to profess the real reason of him being there -... well … really … we had a bet among us younger band members – he then commenced -once Saga-san came and announce about this ... making it clear that it was voluntary … we kind of had a bet, among us young bassist, and- he tried to explained, but was interrupted by Nao's understanding hum.


-I see ...- then uttered the elder turning back the engine -You got me worried there for a second …I'd thought that baka of Saga might have forced you or something ...-


-No, not at all Nao-san ...- calmly replied the other -... I was the one, who lost at rock-paper-scissors ...- confessed the younger, almost embarrassingly


-Oh, I see … -newly replied the elder, trying to suppress a chuckle finding the younger's statement rather funny - … and could you do me a favor? ...- he then swiftly added, at which words the younger newly nodded

-Please drop the -san … might make things a bit easier for the both of us ...- he then stated, flashing him a serene smile -... and if you don't mind I'll drop the -kun-


-But ...- quickly replied the younger -... you are my senpai ... and I don't know you that well ...- he then timidly explained


-Well … I believe we are soon going to get to do a lot of knowing … don't you think … Yuuto?- calmly observed the elder, who happily glanced at the younger, as he heard him suddenly giggle in response.


-True enough ...- then replied the younger with a faint grin – we most definitely are … N-nao – he then hesitantly concluded, almost blushing, soon after joining the elder in a light laughter, which lowered by a whole lot, the pressure and the tenseness around them as they proceeded towards their lustful destination.

-And why are you doing this ...Nao? - suddenly and more confidently inquired the younger.


-Who me? ...- replied the elder in amusement, as they stopped at a red traffic light - oh well … I...- he then paused calibrating his next words - … had absolutely nothing better to do-




-Good evening sexy...- sensually greeted Saga, as soon as the door to Aki and Reita's apartment was reluctantly opened by the latter, who merely grinned at the other, allowing him in.

-What's with the gloomy face ...- quickly inquired Saga, walking passed the blond -it's celebration time … happy, gotta be happy!- he then exclaimed walking towards the living room


-I don't know ...- stated Reita following the other inside -...I- he tried to continue, but was interrupted by the other, who swiftly turned around, and placed both his hands on the bassist shoulder


-We are doing this ...- plainly and firmly stated Saga - it's going to be alright … trust me, we … he'll ... have a hell of a time – he then concluded with a wide grin and a wink, patting the other on his shoulder. He then turned around and proceeded to drop himself in one of the couches in the living room.


Reita was about to find a valued argument to sustain his sudden concern, but as soon as he opened his mouth, the doorbell newly rang. Quickly dragging himself to his main entrance, he peered toward the peephole, and spotting his last two guests, he resignedly sighed as he newly opened the entrance.

-Hey … come in ...- he then announced, with a forced smile.


-'Ssup Reita ...- calmly greeted Nao, walking past the nose-banded blond, who simply nervously smirked


-Good evening Reita-san ...- greeted Yuuto, stopping at the door, waiting for the owner of the apartment to lead the way, being the first time in the elder's residence.


-Good evening Yuuto-kun … this way- he then smiled, making sign to the younger to follow, glancing at the brunette, and newly sighing, feeling this heavy sensation of youth corruption.

-Are you … really okay with this? ...- he then stopped, quickly turning towards the younger, looking exaggeratedly concerned, as he startled the younger bassist -... it's not too late to turned back you know ...- he declared, as if talking to a wannabe martyr.


-Yes … I'll be fine ...- confidently stated Yuuto, nodding in agreement with a wide smile, receiving a nervous grin by Reita, who resumed toward the living room.

-Well then, shall we get started ...- he quickly announced glancing at Nao and Saga, who seemed to be entertaining a rather serene conversation – … please follow me – he added, as he directed himself towards his bedroom, loyally followed by the other three.


Reita's bedroom was spacious, and had an even bigger bed on the left side of the room. The bed had white covers decorated with red roses petals, which were also all over the black carpeted room. Here and there, the blond had placed little white candles, and among the other expensive things that decorated the room, on the opposite side of the wall there was a huge plasma TV, with associate speakers at each of the four ends of the room.

-Wow … you did a good job here ...- stated Saga, looking around trying to show some appreciation, while really looking for a place where to drop his camera.


-Well … thank you- sincerely replied the bassist -... okay Aki is going to be here soon, so here is the plan ...- he then swiftly added

-I am going to have dinner, and our usual rituals with him, and then I am going to blind fold him and get him in here … where I am going to pretend to turn on the TV … telling him I heard an interesting fact about having sex while listening to other people's … well you get the idea … and there you guys will begin doing whatever … so try to be loud … we have some good quality speakers- he then proudly smirked looking at the appliances.


-And what exactly do you want us to do? ...- nonchalantly asked Nao


-I don't know ...- quickly shrugged Reita -maybe a threesome? … get creative ...- he then almost admonished glancing at his watch


-A t-t-threesome! ...- shockingly exclaimed Yuuto- … and I suppose … I … am to be the receiver ...- hesitantly observed the younger, stupefyingly looking at the elders, who all merely nodded matter-of-factly.


-Okay … - stated Reita, as he walked towards his dresser, bringing a little white basket, whit a red ribbon on it, and handed it to Saga, who looked at the content, almost bursting into a laughter.


-Lubes … and flavored condoms ...- stated Alice nine bassist, looking through the basket's items -... how cute ...- he then giggled, glancing at a non diverted looking Reita


-Look ...- interjected the nose-banded bassist -I have never been at an orgy before, and I planned on making this the last one, so refrain from any smart-ass comment – he then specified, receiving an apologetic smile from Saga - … and before I leave there are two rules – he then swiftly added.


-... Which are? …- absently asked Saga, who had spotted the perfect place for his camera


-The person who is going to have Aki's ass, it's me, and me only - he firmly specified, making sure to stress the word “only”, receiving a nod by the others

-And the person, who is going to have my ass, is the one who doesn't plan to leave this room on their own to legs ... was I clear enough?- he then concluded, this time receiving nervous nods and grins.

-... I will remove his blindfold, when whoever, is about to come, that should send Aki over the edge as well ...- he then added

-good then ...- he concluded in a whisper hearing the main door unlock -... yoroshiku ne- he concluded closing his bedroom door, as he went to welcome the birthday boy.

PART TWO - the action!


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